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Multi Use Gyms

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About This Project

For some reason, we are used to accepting that a multi-use gym should be a handball pitch with painted-on lines for different games. But in bigger cities like Copenhagen, we should open our eyes to the possibility, that we might not need gyms that can do several different things, but instead build facilities, diverse enough to get fully booked, but limited enough to be as functional as possible for those chosen activities. This means, that the handball club can have all the training time in one gym and badminton have all the time in another gym, instead of needing to mix 50:50 at both places.

One restrictive factor is the fact, that gyms are often used by schools during the day and therefore need facilities capable of transforming into the necessary setups for proper physical education. But school students don’t need the same quality of equipment and setups as the elite players need and can without any problems play handball using the basketball lines and play tennis on the badminton court. Limiting the need for “perfect” dimensions for every ball game opens up the possibility that the evening activities can have a bigger opportunity to design the facilities due to their requirements.

The pictures above depict four different gyms, designed to hosting both school activities during the day and a mix of the sport during the evenings. This means that all drawings have a minimum of a basketball court and four badminton courts while challenging the classical 40×20 meter gym dimensions, to improve the facilities for their evening activities. All of the gyms come in at around 1000 square meters, which is often the requirement when building school gyms.

  • Handball, Floorball, Volleybal, and Parasport
  • Basketball, Badminton, and Dance
  • Martial arts and bouldering
  • Gymnastics and basic motor training
Sport and Leisure
Architecture, Client, Concept, Rethinking, Sport
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