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Technical University Workshop

DTU 118B Facade Drawing DTU 118B Oversigt DTU 118B Skelet DTU 118B Oversigt

About This Project

As part of an assignment, designing a new potential workshop for the building faculty at the Technical University of Denmark, we designed an open and inviting workspace for students to enjoy. The building is a multi-function workspace, divided into different sections, and is designed to accommodate up to 4 student groups, working simultaneously on practical projects. This means room for designing, building, refining, and presenting, as well as room for materials delivery and storage and relaxing break time.

On the floor level, we have two main areas. One half is the workshop, where specialized tools are available to the students, as well as workbenches and tables for models and materials. On the other side of the middle corridor, we have the office area, where student groups can design their projects on powerful workstation computers and write on their projects at the tables. Here we also have printing facilities as well as whiteboards for the planning face. Along the center corridor, you will find bathrooms, storage rooms, and lockers.

The first floor consists of three islands, connected by two walkway bridges on top of the central corridor. The first island is the conference area, shielded from noise by glass walls and with room for meetings and presentations. Middle island is for relaxing in flexible couches and has a view over both work areas. The last island is the café, where we find dining tables for lunchtime and a small kitchen for getting water, storing lunch, and reheating food. The first and last islands have access to outdoor balconies with stairs for emergency exiting and the middle island has the main stairs between the two levels.

Being a workshop meant for the building design students, we analysed the other buildings at the faculty and found that, while concrete, steel, and brick buildings are widely available for inspiration, the entirety of the university has very few timber buildings. To help the students get inspiration for sustainable construction in future designs, we chose to construct the beams and columns in Glulam timber from Scandinavian forests, with roofs and walls made in timber cassettes, made in Denmark. To showcase how timber can interact with other building materials, we made all joints in steel and all ground floors in concrete.

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