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Viking Inspired Airport

Roskilde International Airport

About This Project

With inspiration in the architectural form language of the Scandinavian Viking heritage, this middle-sized airport concept combines the long bowed shiplike walls of the traditional timber longhouses with the overlapping roofs, known from the extraordinary stave churches of that age.

Seeking a vision of sustainable and circular aviation, the airport is constructed and clad with an emphasis on closely sourced timber, with uni-green concrete where it is needed and big glass walls to open the terminals up to the outside.

The layout is a modified finger design, keeping construction costs and complexity down while the many access points onto taxiways will limit traffic buildup. Three small finger-style terminals ensure, that passengers will never have more than a 600m walk from the airport center entrance, also ensuring fast transfer connections.

The airport will make an excellent budget airport, linking small and midsize aircraft with the rail lines and highway access. The design focuses on cost and effectiveness in construction and operation and the lavish spaces and commodities of the bigger part of the international airports have been prioritized lower.

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